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Brand: Akuku
Cherry stone compresses are a product created out of concern for the well-being of women during breastfeeding. Made of 100% ecological and safe materials. The compresses can be used cold or warm, depending on your needs. Warm application:They help clear blocked milk ducts and provide relief from ma..
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Brand: Akuku
Breast shells are worn in a bra to protect the nipples from chafing and collect breast milk. Their gentle pressure reduces tension in the breast, and the contoured shape makes them adhere perfectly to it (they discreetly hide in a bra, so they are invisible to other people). They protect sore or cra..
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Disposable breast pads NIGHT 20 pcs. Disposable breast pads NIGHT 20 pcs.
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Brand: Akuku
The "akuku" brand meets the needs of mothers who have abundant lactation. We have developed new "akuku night" insoles with very high absorbency that will allow you to maintain comfort and hygiene. The unique shape of the insert adapts to the shape of the breast. The "akuku night" insert has a gellin..
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Brand: Akuku
Standard Akuku breast pads comfortable and discreet, profiled. They have a gelling insert and a moisture insulating layer, which ensures a feeling of dryness and freshness for a long time. The airy structure of the insole is body-friendly. Adhesive strips keep the insert in place. To maintain proper..
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Brand: Akuku
Ultra-thin, ultra-absorbent Akuku breast pads, comfortable and discreet, contoured. The absorbency of the insole is due to superabsorbent and two additional absorbing layers. The unique technology has allowed to create extremely thin inserts, only 1 mm thick, which provide a feeling of dryness and f..
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Brand: Akuku
Benefits Perfect for cracked and sore nipples, accelerate healing, enabling painless feeding. Profiled shape – fits perfectly on the breast. Made of ultrathin silicone. They give the baby a sense of natural feeding. Silicone has no taste or smell, therefore it does not affect the taste of foo..
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