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Vitamin B

Brand: Zdrovit
Skrzypovita 1x a day is a unique composition of vitamins and herbs that affect the health of hair and strong nails, and help maintain healthy and beautiful skin. The PRO-HAIR formula contains natural extracts of horsetail and nettle - herbs that have been used in traditional hair and skin care fo..
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Brand: Colfarm
MAX Folic acid is recommended mainly for planning and pregnant women. Folic acid is involved in the process of cell division, in the proper production of blood cells, and helps maintain normal psychological functions. Folic acid, vitamins B6 and B12 help maintain the proper metabolism of homocystein..
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Brand: Biofarm
Magnefar B6 Peace is a dietary supplement that contains ashwagandha root extract, magnesium, folic acid, thiamine (vitamin B1), and vitamins B6 and B12 to supplement your daily diet. Ashwagandha root extract helps maintain emotional stability, increases the body's resistance to stress, supports l..
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Brand: Biofarm
It is a food supplement in the form of a raspberry-flavored liquid containing magnesium and vitamin B6. Magnesium and vitamin B6 help in the proper functioning of the nervous system, contribute to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue and help maintain normal psychological functions. In addition, m..
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Brand: Biofarm
The Ginkofar Vital food supplement contains a complex of vitamins and minerals as well as Ginkgo biloba leaf extract, which supports the circulatory system and maintains the proper functioning of the brain in the elderly. In addition, it supports the preservation of memory and cognitive functions an..
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Brand: Colfarm
Biotin is an organic chemical compound from a group of water-soluble vitamins. Biotin helps maintain the health of your hair, nails, skin, and mucous membranes. Promotes the growth of hair follicles and hair. Strengthens the skin and nails. The composition of Biotemax Duo has been enriched with the ..
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Brand: Zdrovit
What is vitamin B12? Vitamin B12 fulfills a lot of functions in the body, but the most important ones are assistance in:proper functioning of the nervous system,maintenance of proper psychological functions,proper production of red blood cells,proper functioning of the immune system,and contributes ..
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Brand: Aflofarm
The ingredients of the Visaxinum D dietary supplement for adults take care of the health and proper appearance of the skin from the inside, support the cleansing of the body (dandelion root extract), and protection against free radicals (green tea leaf extract). In addition, they help maintain the p..
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Brand: Zdrovit
Biotin, riboflavin, and vitamin A help keep the skin healthy. Zinc helps keep your hair and nails healthy. Vitamin B6 helps in the proper synthesis of cysteine, an amino acid necessary for the maintenance of proper hair structure. The product is intended for adults and is recommended to supplement t..
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Brand: Zdrovit
The product is intended for adults, its daily dose contains vitamin D3 in the amount recommended by experts (2000 IU), vitamin K2 (menaquinone – MK-7) at the dose of 75 micrograms, and magnesium (200 mg) and vitamin B6 (2 mg).Vitamins D and K as well as magnesium help in maintaining healthy bones. V..
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Brand: Jelfa
Falvit® mama is a set of vitamins and minerals enriched with a standardized cranberry extract, which is a source of proanthocyanidins. The composition of the product was composed especially for pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers who want to support their body during this exceptional period. Fa..
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Brand: Aflofarm
We live faster and faster, and fatigue is an indispensable component of every day. In this case, it is worth reaching for magnesium. NeoMag forte D3 contains a high dose of magnesium, which contributes to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue and helps in the proper functioning of the nervous syste..
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The B vitamins are: B1 (thiamine) / B2 (riboflavin) / B3 (niacin) / B5 (pantothenic acid) / B6 / B7 (biotin) / B12 / Folic acid
These vitamins help the process your body uses to get or make energy from the food you eat. They also help form red blood cells. You can get B vitamins from proteins such as fish, poultry, meat, eggs, and dairy products. Leafy green vegetables, beans, and peas also have B vitamins. Many cereals and some breads have added B vitamins.
Not getting enough of certain B vitamins can cause diseases. A lack of B12 or B6 can cause anemia.