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Hair Skin & Nails

Hair Skin & Nails
Brand: Zdrovit
Skrzypovita 1x a day is a unique composition of vitamins and herbs that affect the health of hair and strong nails, and help maintain healthy and beautiful skin. The PRO-HAIR formula contains natural extracts of horsetail and nettle - herbs that have been used in traditional hair and skin care fo..
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Brand: Colfarm
Biotin is an organic chemical compound from a group of water-soluble vitamins. Biotin helps maintain the health of your hair, nails, skin, and mucous membranes. Promotes the growth of hair follicles and hair. Strengthens the skin and nails. The composition of Biotemax Duo has been enriched with the ..
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Baika-SUN® gel - for skin irritated after sunbathing. Concentrated moisturizing and soothing gel with 10% panthenol, Scutellaria baicalensis extract, and hyaluronic acid. The specialized formula of the gel (containing the constitutive ingredients: 10% panthenol, Scutellaria baicalensis extract, ..
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Baika-skin itching / skin irritation gel 40g
-20 %
Baika-skin is an excellent choice for skin care with irritation. Baika-skin soothes skin irritations, reduces itching, and reduces redness caused, for example, by changes caused by insect bites and local allergic reactions. It has a soothing effect and accelerates healing. The product contains Baik..
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Baifem - intimate hygiene foam soothing irritations. The odorless, hypoallergenic formula of Baifem foam is intended for daily intimate care and hygiene.Contains Baikal thyroid root extract, a plant that has strong soothing and irritation-alleviating properties as well as antibacterial properties. T..
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Brand: Aflofarm
The ingredients of the Visaxinum D dietary supplement for adults take care of the health and proper appearance of the skin from the inside, support the cleansing of the body (dandelion root extract), and protection against free radicals (green tea leaf extract). In addition, they help maintain the p..
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Brand: Zdrovit
Biotin, riboflavin, and vitamin A help keep the skin healthy. Zinc helps keep your hair and nails healthy. Vitamin B6 helps in the proper synthesis of cysteine, an amino acid necessary for the maintenance of proper hair structure. The product is intended for adults and is recommended to supplement t..
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Brand: Naturell USP
The zinc contained in the preparation supports the immune system, carbohydrate and fatty acid metabolism and helps maintain healthy hair, skin and nails. Vitamin C contained in the preparation contributes to the reduction of tiredness. Naturell Organic Zinc + C is in the form of INSTANT lozenges. It..
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Brand: Aflofarm
Belissa Sun - contains the maximum dose of beta-carotene. Beta-carotene is a precursor of vitamin A, which helps to maintain healthy skin and plays a role in the process of cell specialization. Horsetail improves skin condition while having a positive effect on the condition of nails and hair. Vitam..
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Brand: Colfarm
Maxi Silicon with the 3MAX CARE complex is a new and improved formulation formula. Contains a unique combination of biotin, silica and pantothenic acid with horsetail extracts, and nettle herb that strengthens hair and nails. Microelements and vitamins contained in the dietary supplement: Biotin str..
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Brand: Aflofarm
Visaxinum is a food supplement recommended for youth. The Visaxinum dietary supplement works from the inside and complements the diet of people with acne skin. The components of Visaxinum have a cleansing effect (dandelion root extract), protective (green tea leaf extract) and antioxidant (zinc, gre..
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