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Herbapol Wrocałw

herbapol wrocalw

Herbapol Wrocałw,

Baika-SUN® gel - for skin irritated after sunbathing. Concentrated moisturizing and soothing gel with 10% panthenol, Scutellaria baicalensis extract, and hyaluronic acid. The specialized formula of the gel (containing the constitutive ingredients: 10% panthenol, Scutellaria baicalensis extract, ..
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Baika-skin itching / skin irritation gel 40g
-20 %
Baika-skin is an excellent choice for skin care with irritation. Baika-skin soothes skin irritations, reduces itching, and reduces redness caused, for example, by changes caused by insect bites and local allergic reactions. It has a soothing effect and accelerates healing. The product contains Baik..
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Baifem - intimate hygiene foam soothing irritations. The odorless, hypoallergenic formula of Baifem foam is intended for daily intimate care and hygiene.Contains Baikal thyroid root extract, a plant that has strong soothing and irritation-alleviating properties as well as antibacterial properties. T..
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The fluid contains Baikal thyroid extract (Scuteltaria baicalensis root extract), plants with a wide range of anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antifungal effects, as well as soothing and soothing. It eliminates fluffiness and reduces bleeding from the gums, promotes the elimination of aphthous, ..
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The vitamin C contained in the syrup and elderberry fruit extract supports the immune system, positively affecting the balance of the body's defenses. Extracts of linden inflorescence and elderberry flower support the physiological process of sweating.Extracts of marshmallow root and linden inflores..
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Vitamin C and elderberry fruit and flower extracts contained in the product support the immune system, positively influencing the balance of the body's defenses.Marshmallow root and linden flower extracts soothe the throat mucosa, supporting the functioning of the respiratory tract.Zinc contributes ..
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Nervosol® Sen is a food supplement intended for adults, whose herbal ingredients support falling asleep and support healthy sleep. Lemon balm leaf extract facilitates relaxation, the process of falling asleep and healthy sleep. Hops extract supports the process of calming down and re..
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Terpichol Plus is a composition of natural terpenes, enriched with milk thistle oil and caraway essential oil. Milk thistle supports the work of the liver and helps to protect its cells. It contributes to the proper production of bile. Supports the physiological ability of the liver to elimi..
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Hemorigen femina is a food supplement that supplements the daily diet with ingredients supporting the proper functioning of the circulatory system and the proper process of blood clotting.The product contains the HEMOSTATIC complex (vitamin K1 + extract from the herb of the grasshopper) enriched wit..
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