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Vitamin Complex

Brand: Jelfa
Falvit® mama is a set of vitamins and minerals enriched with a standardized cranberry extract, which is a source of proanthocyanidins. The composition of the product was composed especially for pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers who want to support their body during this exceptional period. Fa..
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Brand: Aflofarm
A set of vitamins and minerals suited for women with lutein, L-cysteine, L-methionine, lycopene, collagen protein hydrolyzate and horsetail herb extracts and grape seed The ingredients of the product help in: maintaining healthy hair (biotin, zinc, selenium, field horsetail), skin (biotin, zinc..
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Multivitamin, vitamin complexes, multi-ingredient preparation - these are dietary supplements in the form of tablets, capsules or powder to be dissolved in water. The offers of pharmacies include products that can be selected very carefully to your needs, individual shortages, age and gender. Sets of vitamins and minerals are the perfect combination to support immunity and stimulate the body's efficiency.