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For wounds and abrasions

Brand: Ziołolek
As a body powder, it prevents abrasions and chafing, soothes irritations, and gives a pleasant feeling of freshness and comfort. It is also intended for the care of feet prone to excessive sweating - it has drying and deodorizing properties. Also recommended for refreshing footwear - perfectly pr..
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Proftin-G foot and footwear powder 120g
-20 %
Brand: Melaleuca
Proftin-G foot powder was developed to protect the skin of the feet of people wearing windproof shoes, also with hyperhidrosis of the feet. Thanks to its active ingredients, it allows reducing the risk of infection with mycoses and bacterial diseases of the skin of the feet, for example in showers, ..
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Brand: Polpharma
Help4Skin Wound healing can also be used in diabetic wounds and ulcers in the feet. Diabetics with foot problems should consult a doctor before starting Help4Skin Wound healing. Help4Skin Wound healing contains an acidic carbomer stabilized by carnosine, the primary peptide found naturally in the..
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Alantan powder soothes and protects irritated skin 100g
-10 %
Brand: Unia
Thanks to carefully selected ingredients, Alantan powder protects sensitive skin against irritation, abrasions, and redness. It has a soothing and regenerating effect on the epidermis. Recommended in the summer, for everyday care; from infants, the elderly, obese people or people involved in sports,..
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Brand: Aveflor
Akutol Spray is a preparation intended for dressing minor wounds, abrasions and cuts. Creates a flexible protective layer, does not restrict freedom of movement. It can be used even when in contact with water - it will not run off or dissolve (it can only be washed off the skin with alcohol). The..
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