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Dentures Glue

Dentures Glue
Brand: GSK
Corega Double Strength Denture Cleaning Tablets provide fast, unparalleled cleaning of your dentures thanks to a formula that releases 2x more cleaning ingredients *. In just a few minutes, they remove more discoloration ** and reduce plaque deposits ****. At the same time, they are so gentle on den..
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Brand: GSK
Corega Max Seal fixing cream for dentures The cover creates a seal and protects against the ingress of food particles under the dentures while ensuring a secure and durable fix The new precision applicator with a smaller tip allows you to apply the right amount of product to the edge of the dentu..
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The fluid contains Baikal thyroid extract (Scuteltaria baicalensis root extract), plants with a wide range of anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antifungal effects, as well as soothing and soothing. It eliminates fluffiness and reduces bleeding from the gums, promotes the elimination of aphthous, ..
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